Royal Mail adopts digital health hub and wellbeing consultations

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Royal Mail is to introduce an enhanced digital wellbeing hub and trial a wellbeing consultation service as part of its commitment to a further five-year contract with Energy Fitness Professionals (EFP).

Royal Mail, which employs approximately 177,000 members of staff across the UK, has used EFP to manage its onsite gyms for 18 years. The contract extension, which will run until May 2027, will see EFP continue to provide management for the 34 on-site gyms provided to employees in locations across the UK.

In addition, Royal Mail will introduce EFP’s enhanced digital offering, Health Hub, which will provide members with access to a range of wellbeing services through one application. This includes online workouts, challenges, live and recorded exercise classes, and the ability to make bookings and access online communications.

Royal Mail will also trial the provider’s new consultation protocol for gym members, called ‘Health Fair’. This offers employees 30-minute, one-on-one appointments in order to capture key health data, such as cholesterol and body fat, as well as lifestyle data, including around diet, sleep and stress. These factors are then analysed and discussed as part of an individual gym member’s goal setting.

Royal Mail will also be able to access anonymised data in order to gain insight into its employees’ health, to influence future benefits and business improvement strategies.

Royal Mail has been contacted for comment.