SleepJunkie offers $3000 to professional mattress tester

SleepJunkie offers $3000 to hire a professional mattress tester

Something for the weekend: Many of us may be struggling with ‘Coronasomnia’ – difficulty nodding off due to the stresses and uncertainty brought about by Covid-19 (Coronavirus) – but now SleepJunkie is offering one sleeping beauty the chance to earn $3,000 (£2,200) in return for testing out mattresses.

The job, which has an immediate start date, was advertised by the sleep science and review platform after it found that search queries for sleep disruptions reached a five-year high over the past 12 months.

According to the company, the successful snoozer must be a self-starter, with good writing skills and, of course, be ‘exceptionally good at sleeping’. They will test three of the US’s top-rated mattresses over a two-month period and be required to sleep alone to ensure a good night’s rest before compiling reviews for the site.

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The chosen candidate will also be given a mattress of their choice worth up to $1,500.

SleepJunkie was launched by a team of people who used to struggle with getting good shut-eye. The platform finds the perfect mattress, explores the science behind sleep and provides tips for a good night’s rest.

“A regular routine is so important for getting a healthy amount of sleep, Dorothy Chambers, sleep expert at Sleep Junkie, said.

“However, over the last year, we have seen so many people’s lives turned upside down and this has in turn had a negative impact on their sleep routine too.

“Getting the mattress right is one of the first steps to achieving a good night’s sleep, so we thought what better way to bolster our mattress reviews this year than by hiring a Sleeping Beauty mattress tester. We also would love to help a family during these tough times who would be grateful for the extra money and new mattress. If you think you are up to the challenge and can sleep your way through the job, please do apply! ”

It certainly sounds like a dream job to us at Employee Benefits – and one you could do with your eyes closed.