Zen Communications adopts menopause policy

Zen Communications menopause PR and communications agency Zen Communications has implemented a dedicated menopause policy as part of its commitment to holistic employee wellbeing.

The agency introduced the dedicated policy in order to provide an inclusive, supportive and nurturing place of work for employees affected by peri-, during, and post-menopause. Its aim is to promote awareness and educate other members of staff about what menopause is, the symptoms it may present and the potential impact it may have on other members of the workforce.

The policy will also set out guidelines on how Zen will support employees going through menopause, such as amending working hours or workloads, altering roles, providing additional support and signposting to professional advice or help. Employees additionally have access to an employer-paid health cash plan, which offers support with everyday healthcare costs and provides access to counselling and a 24 hour GP service.

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Zen Communications has also signed up to Wellbeing of Women’s menopause pledge, which encourages organisations to take positive action to support staff going through the menopause by normalising conversations about the condition.

Rhiannon Williams, managing director at Zen Communications, said: “As a business which prides itself on being wholly committed to supporting our team in all aspects of health, wellbeing, and personal development, we knew we absolutely must address this and make a change. We know that when our team is happy and healthy, they will be more engaged, more productive, and more empowered to be their best. Not only does this positively impact themselves, but also the agency, their colleagues, and our clients too.

“Since Zen was founded in 2007, achieving this has been our utmost priority, and our strategy to success has evolved over the years. Offering this menopause policy is just our latest step in supporting our team in every way possible. We will continue to evolve, improve, and care for our employees, while advocating for other businesses to follow suit and do the same.”